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“By His Wounds” Therapy

Basic – $45
Specific Health Goal – $60
Ultimate Health Goals – $75                


The Consultation/Appointment/BY HIS WOUNDS THERAPY is going to be scheduled online and verified by a returned phone call. These are only done in person in the shop. Consultations can also be by phone or video online.

BY HIS WOUNDS THERAPY is offered at 4:00 PM CST only at this time.

Jordan Rubin was inspired to create this essential oil- based system that was restorative to his body in both a physical and spiritual sense through his own health challenge.

Seven body areas are used applying carrier oil and essential oil drops to each area. Prayer and bible verses are read during the applying of oils as we fix our eyes on Jesus our healer. These seven areas are where Jesus bled symbolic to his crucifixion. They are feet and ankles, hands and wrist, top of head, sides, chest, neck and top of shoulders, and the back.

  •  Basic BHW Therapy is $45 for 30 minutes using lavender, frankincense, rosemary, thyme, orange, peppermint, and cedarwood.
  • Special Health Goal BHW Therapy is $60 using additional essential oils recommended for one health goal.
  • Different types of therapy offered are –   Hormonal, Neurological, Cardio, Immune Support, Ease Pain, and Emotional Trauma.
  • Ultimate Health Goals BHW Therapy is $75 using additional essential oils recommended for more than 1 health goal.

If you are interested in booking a BHW Therapy Session, click this button to fill out the Consultation Form!

By His Wounds Form

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