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I have many allergies, and the sinus roller helped me in many ways. It doesn't have a strong smell and feels very light. It didn't take very long to start working. By the end of the day I could see major results.


If you or anyone you know has gout...there’s is an oil blend for that!! My daddy has tried everything. Prescriptions and home remedies. His flare ups typically last about 6-7 days. This time it was in his ankle. He drank his cherry juice and used an oil mixture I got from Dianne James and it was better day 2!!


I usually laugh at people who use oils, but I think I may be hooked! My foot still hurts after a week of medication and all the tips and exercises I've seen on line. I have a brace, I bought new shoes, I stay off of it as much as possible. Having 3 kids and a husband makes that part hard though! Yesterday I bought some from Dianne James. I soaked my foot in peppermint Epsom salt for 15 minutes, massaged the oils in my heel and wrapped it in a hot towel for a while. Boy, did it feel good when I was done!! I used some more this morning when I got up.
She also made a blend for Parker’s eczema! It is so much better, and a lot cheaper than the $600.00 prescription cream!! Give her a try for your oil needs!! She’s very knowledgeable and researched everything before making and selling anything!


I have asthma, and I need more support, when I play baseball. When the weather is hot and humid; I use the home remedy roll-on blend. The blend helps me breath more clearly during games and ball practice. I use it every day, during the summer season.

Bryce12 years old

I work at a retail store stocking heavy products. I started having wrist issues and I was needing to wear a wrist brace. The doctor said it was either carpal tunnel or arthritis. I started using hand and bone blend from a consultation and haven't had any more problems!