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My Story Dianne James

I have a Bachelor of Science Business Degree, and Certification in teaching for 25 years. In natural health care, the body can heal itself. I want to help women, and their families with natural plant base home remedies. I remember in college having to do a research paper in Environmental Science and I searched for research testing done on makeup and hair color products. No research testing had been done on the safety of the chemicals found in personal body care. Now, EWG is testing products today!

In 2015, I was diagnosed with the 2nd most common form of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. In one year; I had to have three office surgeries to remove the cancer spots on my arms. This caused me to change what I was using on my body; especially the chemical ingredients used in personal body care. I wanted to find a natural way for my body to heal itself. First, I started removing chemical bath products, and started using essential oil bath products, and essential oil blends in my body care products. This includes no longer using perfume. My skin condition improved with each doctor checkup. And since October of 2017; I have not had another diagnose of skin cancer. I believe the synthetic chemicals, used in skincare products was the root cause for my skin cancer.

Now, as the body ages, I know how important it is to use natural foods, supplements, herbs, and essential oils on my body for good health. I have used the essential oils for sinus allergies, restful sleep / insomnia, stress, skin cancer, natural pain relief, anti-aging face products, natural henna hair coloring, tendonitis, dental health care, essential oil perfume, and personal bath products. I only wish I would have found out about essential oils a long time ago.

Essential Oils are natural remedies from plants. God made the plants, and the natural chemical makeup of each plant determines their health benefits. I was amazed to find out that there are over 17,000 medical research studies done on essential oils stating their therapeutic benefits. All are listed in various medical health publications, like in the National Institute of Health. Essential oils health benefits are great; when the essential oils are used safely, and properly. This was the reason I wanted to get certification for essential oils coaching; so I could learn all I could about essential oils.  I have made customized blends for specific conditions that helped me, my family, and friends. I love essential oils! So, if you are ready to try natural plant base home remedies using essential oils; I would be glad to coach you with your health goals.