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My Services

If you are looking for natural healing using essential oils; I can help you with your health goal. I can coach you on using essentials oils. I also give consultations for specific conditions listed on the Consultation page. I make custom blended roll-on bottles, and inhalers for specific conditions to provide support. These are listed under the About page under Home Remedies. You might have a specific health goal that I can make a home remedy for in a roll-on bottle or inhaler. This could be for pain, stress, sleep, mood, all natural perfume etc. It has worked for me; and I think it could work for you too!


Research that has been done using essential oils for your health goal.


A blend recipe using essential oils need to support your body for your health goal.


Supplements suggested to take for supporting your body for the health goal.

Show client how to make a stock blend for topical use for a massage to support a specific health goal.

Tell client the benefits of Touch Massage using a massage blend for pain, immunity, mood, inflammation and stress.

Create a custom blend for condition to give the body support.

“By His Wounds” Therapy is a Biblical Essential Oil Healing System for hormone support, neurological support, cardiovascular support, immunity support, easing pain, and emotional trauma.

Coaching client how to use essential oils safely for topical use.

Coaching client on the massage benefits using specific blends for pain, stress, etc.

Coaching client on Foot Reflexology benefits and applying essential oils to the feet area.

Make a sleep blend in a roll-on bottle or inhaler.