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Today, we’re excited to share with you a few of our best blog posts highlighting the Bible Health solutions you need to enjoy an abundant life…

Spotlight: Clean up your medicine cabinet FAST with these essential oil “cheat sheets” you can print or access from ANY digital device

Want to save yourself HOURS of going down the “Dr. Google” rabbithole?

If you want to expand your knowledge of essential oils, but you hate having to Google every little thing to make sure you’re using your oils correctly and safely…

Dr. Z’s brand NEW Essential Oil Profile database is for you!

Not only does it give you the full breakdown of 50 of the most commonly used essential oils…

Everything has already been researched and tested, so you don’t have to check your sources or wonder if you’re getting safe information.

Discover The Benefits, Uses, and Interactions of the Top 50 Healing Essential Oils With 92% Off Dr. Z’s Complete Essential Oil Profile Database!

Having a database like this in your back pocket is a big step towards more autonomy over what you put on and in your body when it comes to your health…

And, you can even print these profiles out to hang in your kitchen, bathroom, or to give to loved ones who are exploring essential oils, too!

Whether you want to become the go-to essential oils resource in your inner circle or you just want to have natural alternatives you can turn to in a pinch…


Just another day in the life with Bella, Baby Isaac and Baby Ruthie. It’s been so cute so see Bella take care of her ‘baby’ like we’ve been taking care of Isaac. She feeds her, changes her diaper and even hosted a home school baby shower yesterday because she said she’s going to have another baby soon. #TooPrecious #RaiseUpaChild #Prov22:6


Essential Oils for Respiratory Support

Spring pollen have you coughing? Learning about the most common respiratory diseases and how to protect yourself using essential oils for respiratory support can be the difference between getting sick and staying healthy.

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Mama Z’s Carrier Oil Base

My wife helps keeps our growing family healthy with her special DIY & homemade EO preparations. Her secret weapon? Her carrier oil base! It’s almost as healing as essential oils themselves, and is great to have on hand!

Get the recipe on our blog.


Where to Buy Essential Oils

Knowing where to buy essential oils isn’t as simple as it may seem. Like choosing your doctor, you should be careful to not settle for anything but the best. This report will help you make that decision.

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As always, praying that you experience the abundant life.

~ Dr. Z & Mama Z